What can I expect throughout the sale process?

Complete Business Brokers are committed to providing a quality service.  A big part of this is ensuring we are listening to our clients and being there from the very start all the way through to settlement day. 

We have included some general information below about our sale process:

FREE Business Appraisal

We will spend a lot of time discussing your business appraisal, marketing strategies and talking you through the sale process.  We want to be sure that you have as much information as possible to make informed decisions.  

Appointment of Agent

If you decide to list your business with us we will prepare the appropriate appointment forms.  We will begin the process of compiling more detailed information about your business and agree on marketing. 

Listing the business for sale

You will approve all our marketing materials and authorise us to go live with your listing.  Once this happens we will deal with all buyer enquiries.  You will only meet with serious buyers who we have qualified.  We will also provide you with regular reports so you can see where the enquiries are coming from and what buyers are saying about your business.  We will work with you close to make any necessary adjustments to our marketing to ensure we have the best chance of achieving a sale for you!


We will handle all the difficult negotiations for you.  We will prepare the Contract of Business Sale and we will be in contract throughout the entire process right up until settlement day.