Business Valuation Advice – Choose Your Valuer Wisely 

Providing business valuation advice is complicated.  The last few years have proven challenging in relation to how government assistance is handled in valuations.  There is also the issue of the unusual business performance across most industries over the last few years.  These anomalies aside, there are many other factors in relation to providing accurate valuation advice. 

Business valuations can be performed for a variety of purposes however regardless of their purpose, choosing an experienced valuer is critical.  An experienced valuer will review the most recent comparable industry sales along with researching industry data as part of their assessment.  They will want to learn about the business in detail to gain a thorough understanding of the services or product that generates revenue for the business, they will want to know about customer and supplier relationships, staff qualifications and roles, leasing arrangements, they will perform an assessment on the business to assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the business.  The valuer should know the business intimately by the time they provide their assessment and be confident with their advice. 

Providing accurate valuation advice requires a great deal of experience, knowledge, and skill.  If you are seeking a business valuation, it is imperative to engage a valuer that has the appropriate knowledge that you can be confident in.  

Michelle Wright is a Registered Business Valuer (RBV) with the Australian Institute of Business Brokers (AIBB).  Michelle also has many years’ experience as a business broker selling medium sized businesses in Queensland which assists with her knowledge and experience in relation to recent sales data.  

If you require a business valuation, please call Michelle on 0432 455 183 so she can talk you through the valuation process.