Stock is a Critical Factor in a Business Sale

When selling your business, you need to remember that stock is a very important part of the transaction. Often, stock represents a high value and is in addition to the asking price.  

Buyers will review stock levels closely and want to ensure that whatever stock they take on is current, saleable and in good condition.  Keeping stock values under control is also important as keeping unnecessarily high values of stock can impact your business value as buyers have to fund the entire purchase. If stock levels are too high you may well achieve less for your business pricing in the end. 

Your business should have good stock control systems in place and be able to report on the ageing of your stock.  If you are thinking of selling your business and you don’t have good a good stock management system, you should try to implement one as soon as possible.  The more systems and processes your business have in place, the more appealing your business will be to buyers.  

Stock is a critical factor in a business sale!