When's the best time to sell?

Thursday 25 Oct 2018

This is a common question with a simple answer.  Sell when you don't have to!  Plan well in advance for a sale (years) and expect that the new owner may want you to stay on as en employee for an extended period.   The key to acheiving maximum sale price is all in the planning, working closely with your accountant is always a good idea too.  They will be able to montior revenue and profits and also provide feedback on what tax may be payable on the sale.   Too o ....

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Understanding the value in your business

Tuesday 02 Oct 2018

There are many factors that can make your business attractive to buyers and taking the time to understand the importance of these critical items can lead to a successful sale in the future.  We often see many mistakes that sellers make that could easily be addressed prior to sale.  Things that can impact the value in your business are items such as not having accurate and current financial records on hand for buyers, not paying staff correctly, having the business reliant on only a few ....

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Consider Partnership Exit Strategies Before You Start Your Business

Friday 21 Sep 2018

Many people are so excited about the prospect of their new business that they do not take the time to consider what will happen when one partner wants to exit in future years.  It is crucial to plan and discuss all aspects of the business and exit strategies should be high on the list of topics to address.  As business brokers, we often see several partners that have been running a successful business together for years have varying ideas on how they will each individually exit the bus ....

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Buyers Agent Services

Thursday 23 Aug 2018

COMPLETE business brokers now offers buyers agent services. If you provide us with the brief of what your ideal business looks like we can provide you with a few options!  Contact us today to discuss how this service works and how we can assist with your next business purchase. 

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Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland

Wednesday 15 Aug 2018

COMPLETE business brokers regularly works with clients that need to sell their business due to family law matters.  Our agency knows how to deal with the complexity of not only a business sale but also one that involves family law matters.  We are proud members of Family Law Practitioners Association (FLPA).  

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REIQ Business Brokers

Thursday 09 Aug 2018

We are proud to have attended the recent Women In Real Estate lunch hosted by the REIQ.  Guest speaker for the day was Sherry Chris who is the President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.  Sherry delivered a powerful and thought provoking speech to all that attended.   We recommend that anyone searching for a business broker looks for someone that actively participates in professional development activities and is an REIQ member!  This give you the best cha ....

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Who helps with a business sale

Tuesday 07 Aug 2018

Whether you are buying or selling a business there are several key professionals that play a critical role in the sale process.  Aside from a business broker, the two other critically important professionals involved with a business sale are your solicitor and accountant.  If you don’t already have a strong relationship with these two key professionals, it is a good idea to start building up one now as they will be your trusted advisors throughout the business sale process.  ....

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Things to consider when listing your business

Wednesday 01 Aug 2018

Do you have good staff records?  Staff entitlements will be adjusted on settlement day.  This includes annual leave, sick leave and long service leave (LSL applies to anyone including casuals that has been working for your business for a period of five years or longer).   Do you have employment contracts? Check all of your staff are on the correct pay rates Loans on plant and equipment.  Loans are to be paid out on settlement, a new owner will expect the equipment t ....

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What can I expect throughout the sale process?

Monday 16 Jul 2018

Complete Business Brokers are committed to providing a quality service.  A big part of this is ensuring we are listening to our clients and being there from the very start all the way through to settlement day.  We have included some general information below about our sale process: FREE Business Appraisal We will spend a lot of time discussing your business appraisal, marketing strategies and talking you through the sale process.  We want to be sure that you have as much informa ....

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What Does a Business Broker Do ?

Wednesday 11 Jul 2018

Selling a business can be a complicated process, especially when you are trying to manage your business and keep revenue steady to ensure you achieve the highest sale price.  Each business broker offers a slightly different service so it’s important to make sure you are choosing a broker that has the training, knowledge and experience to achieve a successful sale.  A good business broker will: Be able to assist with setting a sale price as well as give you feedback on how they h ....

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